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Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy

At Hive Natural Beauty Collective, we are committed to reduce our impact on the environment as much as we possibly can. In order to do so, we have adopted the following environmental policy as explained below:

We accept that, to effectively run our business and service our clients, our operations will have an effect on the environment, and that we have a duty to control this aspect. Due to this realization Hive Natural Beauty Collective is committed to not only complying with, but exceeding, all legislative and regulatory statutes governing the impact that we have on the environment. Furthermore, we recognize the value of a program of continuous improvement built towards reducing our environmental footprint. Hive Natural Beauty Collective therefore value the creative ideas and suggestions of our employees, clients, partners, and suppliers who are integral to our efforts towards continuous improvement.

Hive Natural Beauty Collective is also committed to striving to achieve the following:

  • Reusing, reducing, and recycling wherever and whenever sensible;
  • Ensuring that our employees are sufficiently equipped (tools and training) to minimize the effect that their activities have on the environment;
  • Reducing the environmental impact of our business;
  • Packaging using recycled or biodegradable materials when available;
  • Recycling of waste packaging material and salon waste;
  • Motivating our clients to recycle however possible; and
  • Encouraging the emerging ideas to be socially or environmentally responsible from all collective stakeholders.
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