If green is your jam then we've got you covered!

From the jump Hive has been dedicated to bringing San Luis Obispo County a more sustainable and healthy  beauty option. In 2011, when we opened our doors, we decided we would love to be the ones to pave the way and be the eco-stewards in an otherwise notoriously toxic industry. We knew it was possible, we followed our hearts and low and behold we are seeing a mass shift in our industry!
Hive offers a "clean air" environment which means no stinky odors or burning eyes! Our color lines are ammonia-free, PPD-free and formaldehyde-free. Our products are NEVER tested on animals and are Paraben and Sulfate free. We search high and low to bring you the newest and best socially and environmentally conscious brands that deliver optimum results. We are dedicated and determined to offer green beauty solutions so you can breathe easy! 



Who is green circle salons?

 GCS is a company with a mission to provide green solutions to the salon and spa industry. They do this in a way that is

affordable, achievable and most importantly, with impact. They believe that small steps to transform each salon or spa, with the help

of customers and employees, over time, will make that green conversion possible and sustainable. They offer an eco- systems

approach that looks at recycling, energy, lighting, water, cleaning products and the re- purposing of hair, all parts of the salon or spa

experience. To do this, they have their own branded services, but also work with best-of-class green product and service suppliers.

They are also committed to giving back up to 5% of their pre-tax profits to work with local and international organizations to develop

and support programs that make creative environmental impact and lessons for positive change.

For more info on this extensive recycling program click HERE


what gets recycled?

We divert 95% of our waste from going into the landfill by joining forces with GCS. Most of us have no idea that a good majority of the items we think are being recycled in our municipal land-fill recycling program is actually not! It costs the city too much money to separate all of the various items. That's where GCS comes in. 

Here is a list of the items we divert from the landfill

Metals:  foils, color tubes and misc. metals.

Hair: used to clean up oil spills and is turned into fertilizers.

Unused Color: any unused color from our color services is discarded into a container instead of going down the drain. It's then sent to a special facility that actually removes the water (most color is appx.85% water), sterilizes it and puts it back into our water systems!  

Plastic: includes color tube tops, water bottles, spray nozzles from spray cans, food containers...etc...

Paper: most paper products can be recycled.

Glass: all glass containers

Electronic Tools: broken blow-dryers, clippers, irons...etc...


who is naefss?

NAEFSS works with salon industry manufacturers, distributors and other industry professionals, to assist businesses in achieving success in implementing eco-friendly initiatives. Services are provided for the following:

  1. Creating an atmosphere of conscious sustainability
  2. Providing a clear concise road map for implementing sustainability initiatives
  3. Monitor and managing waste, energy efficiency and water consumption
  4. Actively seeking out green technologies, suppliers and products
  5. Document progress for monthly staff meetings and or annual reports

For more info regarding this 3rd party green certification program click HERE