HIVE U: Night School

a diy styling school for non-professionals

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bad hair days got ya down? Wishing your hair looked as amazing as when you left the salon? Feeling like you need some hair tutoring?

Don't fret is in session!

These fun and informative hands-on hair classes for non-professionals will give you all the tools you need to get an A+ in gorgeous! 

Learn the tricks-of-the-trade from the masters and take home your very own styling kits. 

Sip on champagne, chill with the tribe, learn some new hair tricks and take home some goodies...
School just got a whole lotta FUN!

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higher education for hair experts

At Hive, we know we are not an island. It takes a community of individuals to inspire, motivate and fill us with creative fuel.

That's why we are so pleased to announce the opening of our education doors...HIVE U: PROFESSIONAL an advanced education hub. We will be bringing advanced educators from far and wide to our lovely little SLOtown...just for us...the hairdressing community! We believe in 'the more the merrier' so, If you see some classes you'd like to take...sign up! We'd love to meet you! Oh, and, we're always down to whatever form that may be. So give us a shout!

Click HERE for classes offered & sign up!